SSC Coaching in Badkhal Mor

SSC is an acronym of Staff Selection Commission is an organisation under Government of India to recruit staff for various posts in the various Ministries and Departments of the Government of India and in Subordinate Offices as Group B and Group C posts.

Every year millions of students participate in the exams conducted by Staff Selection in India. It is actually highly crucial from the examination point of view that one scores good grades in SSC CGL, CHSL, CPO, MTS and other Competitive Examination. As you may be planning to apply for a government job, Learning Power provides Best Coaching in Delhi.

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Best SSC Coaching in Badkhal Mor
Staff Selection Commission conducts various exams which are given below

1. SSC Combined Graduate Level Examination (SSC CGL)
2. SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level Exam (SSC CHSL)
3. Junior Engineer
4. Junior Hindi Translator
5. SSC GD Constable
6. SSC Multitasking Staff
7. Selection Post
8. SI (Central Police Organization)
9. Stenographer C & D

How to Prepare for SSC Exam
The competition for SSC Exams is undoubtedly stiff as lakhs of students apply for them every year. The number of applicants keeps on increasing with each passing year. In totality, the level of difficulty in terms of clearing an SSC exam has become much higher in the past few years.

Best SSC Coaching in Badkhal Mor
Given this backdrop one needs to prepare diligently in order to crack any of these SSC exams. SSC exam preparation requires somewhere around 4 to 6 months of dedicated preparation. However, this labour bears fruit only when the preparation is exam oriented and takes into account the requirements of speed and accuracy. More often than not a student has only 30 to 35 seconds to answer a question.

Best SSC Coaching in Badkhal Mor
Moreover, there is negative marking as well; each incorrect answer is penalized and the student loses 25% of the marks allotted to that particular question. Considering this concept clarity, thorough practice and methodical approach are required.

The student taking the exam should have a section-wise strategy to do sufficiently well on each of the sections. In addition to it, an overall strategy should also be there to maximize the overall score, which can elevate one’s rank on the merit list. Certain specific areas need to be given extra emphasis, when it comes to preparation for SSC exams, which are as discussed below:

Best SSC Coaching in Badkhal Mor
Maths/Quantitative Ability:
Within Maths (Quantitative Ability), Trigonometry and Geometry have become important domains. The knowledge of trigonometric functions is frequently tested in the exams. Questions based on heights and distances are also put up in the exams. Questions from the geometry are based on topics such as Area, Volume, Mensuration, Circles, Triangles and even co-ordinate geometry.

Best SSC Coaching in Badkhal Mor The difficulty of level of questions related to algebra is without doubt on the higher side and it has been observed that students find this area more difficult as compared to others. Arithmetic is the portion which is scoring but it should not be the only section on which a student focuses.Best SSC Coaching in Badkhal Mor

For most students Reasoning & Logical Ability is the most scoring section of an SSC exam. The difficulty level of these questions is generally moderate and a student of average mental ability can crack them with relative ease if sufficient practice is done.

Verbal Analogy, Mirror Image, Paper Cutting, Water Image, Embedded Figures etc. are a few topics which need to be focused on all the more. These topics distinguish the SSC reasoning section from that of other exams. However, certain type of questions such as Seating Arrangement can be time consuming.Best SSC Coaching in Badkhal Mor

General Knowledge:
General Knowledge section of SSC exams is intensive and covers an array of areas such as History, General Science, Polity, Geography, Economics, Current Affairs and also miscellaneous areas like International Organizations, Indian Society & Culture, Agriculture, The first in India etc.

Best SSC Coaching in Badkhal Mor To prepare for this section the student should go through the Social Studies and Science NCERT books from Class 6th to 10th. Doing this is helpful in covering the immense breadth of this section, which, at times, may seem unmanageable. Reading a trusted yearbook such as Manorama Yearbook or The Hindu News Paper also aids the student in this section.

English Language:
The English language section of SSC Exams test a student’s ability to understand correct English, his basic comprehension and writing ability, etc. Apart from the usage skills a student needs to focus on questions pertaining to conversion of Active Voice into Passive voice and conversion of Direct Speech into Indirect Speech.

Developing one’s word power and reading speed can be of immense help as the exam has direct vocabulary questions and also unseen passages, which test a student’s ability to read and understand English. But, improvement in vocabulary and reading can’t be done overnight; the student has to start as early as possible and make a concerted effort towards it. Daily reading of a good English newspaper such as The Hindu is a must.

Best SSC Coaching in Badkhal Mor
Our faculty and teaching staff have time and again proven with impeccable results that they put in maximum effort. At Learning Power, we have a culture of training the trainers and therefore every single faculty at our coaching centers are induced to continuous learning and research. Such an approach enables them to learn about changing trends of SSC exams and thereby help them devise best teaching modules.

Best SSC Coaching in Badkhal Mor At Learning Power we also focus on weak students and topics in which students face problems. Along with the aforementioned benefits that we offer to SSC exam aspirants, we are also considered one of the best coaching avenues for our mock paper sessions.

How to crack SSC Exam in the first attempt?
Candidates going for the first attempt of SSC CGL are always filled with a lot of zeal to perform to the best of their ability. This energy in itself is a positive sign and takes one towards success.

Plan Well and Thoroughly
The first step the candidate should take is to draw up a plan and follow it meticulously. As Benjamin Franklin said, If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. The planning should be thorough and should not overlook any aspect. Efforts should be made to get the best available material and join a reputed coaching institute that has a high success rate for SSC CGL.

A good coaching institute that provides a competing atmosphere motivates one to improve. The candidate must draw up a routine and should follow it. The candidate should plan for the exam as well. If the candidate is attempting a mock test at home, he/she should do it sincerely. They should sit alone, in a quiet atmosphere and take the exam. They should allot time for each section and see if they can be complete it in that time frame.
Understanding the demand of SSC Exam Syllabus

Best SSC Coaching in Badkhal Mor
A proper knowledge of the SSC syllabus of the exam is necessary. The candidate must cover the entire syllabus and not take chances. A careful perusal of the notification and an analytical study of the question papers of previous years help to understand the weightage of each section. A proper idea of the examination pattern is essential to be successful.

Work Hard
There is no substitute for hard work. SSC Coaching in Badkhal Mor This is true as this is an exam with cut-throat competition. The competing candidates include engineers, MBAs, other graduates, post-graduates, CAs and CSs. No effort should be spared by the candidates, and if it is of any help, they should remind themselves that this preparation and examination will take a few months of their lifetime.

Regular Practice
Practice is mandatory. More practice exposes the candidates to more questions and helps them to crack the exam. Attempts should be made to practice the old question papers and also mock tests.

Proper Revision
It is essential to revise whatever one has studied. Instead of following many books, it is better to revise the same good book over and over again. This improves speed. This exam is all about speed and accuracy.

Test Series
Candidates must purchase a good online test series and attempt these. These will help one to know their strengths and weak points. This would help to concentrate on the areas that need attention. There are some free All India level tests that are available online.

An attempt at these will bring about improvement. Best SSC Coaching in Badkhal Mor These tests will help to identify the weak areas so that more time can be allotted to work on these and improve these areas. The candidates get to know the time they are spending on each section also. Candidate Should Attempt Questions That They Are Confident About Candidate should avoid answering the question they are not confident about. marks are deducted for a wrong answer. This also decreases the percentile score for the related subjects.

There is a minimum cut-off score that must be met to get through the prelims round and move to the main round. The questions should be answered with confidence as this reflects the officer like qualities in the candidate.

Study the Field of Interest
Candidate must have an idea about the post or department they have applied for. They will do well to spend time and research about it. This gives them an edge over their competitors.

Avoid Losers
Aspiring candidates must avoid people who discourage them. They should motivate themselves by reminding themselves The exam is tough but not impossible to clear

. Enjoy the Company of Achievers
Aspiring candidates must interact with candidates who have been successful. They should discuss about their strategy, the books they perused, the routine they had, how they kept themselves motivated etc.

Best SSC Coaching in Badkhal Mor Maintain Physical and Mental Health The aspiring candidate must keep themselves physically healthy by exercising the body. It helps to maintain physical health as a lot of time is wasted in recovering from illnesses. They should take short breaks between studies and go for a walk in the park and refresh themselves. Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama too helps to concentrate and recharge the mind and the body.

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